8 thoughts on “Tips: How to identify a Female-Negra Guitar / Ruben Diaz e-zine CFG Andalusian Flamenco Lessons

  1. Hola Ruben……….vuelvo a escucharte…………Great Video……love
    those guitars!! sigo admirando tu estilo mi amigo………tengo mucho q
    aprender un abrazo, Ralf

  2. Yes friend. Just search in YouTube: Paco de LucĂ­a the only true innovator
    of contemporary flamenco guitar Parts 1 to 51

  3. Do you have videos or literature in English/German about the topic on how
    Paco de Lucias Music became so complex? Influences, artists, events or

  4. Es Macho Chucho Paco invento la guitarra macho para flamenco antes eran
    solo hembras de cipres. Aqui hay otro video sobre esto watch?v=ZVaJc0rk_ys
    Female Guitar Tone (m.Santos Hernandez 1927 Cypress )

  5. I love this channel. I’ve been playing guitar for around twenty years and
    have a diverse array of styles, but I never learned flamenco. With this
    channel I have learned so much and always find things interesting and easy
    to learn. (That and Ruben is an awesome player!) Just wanted to say hi and
    thanks for the videos! Keep em coming. Your work makes a bigger difference
    than you realize.

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